BOMAK Machinery Manufacturing Industry Ltd. has been operating since 1996. Ltd. It was established to meet the machinery and equipment parts that enable the investment of data and activities. It produces tanks with its registered BOTANK Brand (botank.com.tr) and Heat Exchanger Heat Exchangers with its registered BO-X Brand (bo-x.com.tr). BOMAK, Rep. It was approved as Turkey's 129th Design Center in 2017 by the Ministry of Science and Technology. BODESIGN Brand (www.bodesign.com.tr) has also been registered for BOMAK Design Center. ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance System is implemented in our company. In addition, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System are implemented and certified in 2014. ISO EN 3834-2 Quality Requirements for Melt Welding of Metallic Materials Retrieved from 3D InCertA . BOMAK Makina is one of the top 100 companies in Turkey and one of the world's leading leaders, SIEMENS AUSTRIA, AKSA AKRİLİK, SABIC, PETKİM, MEY DIAGEO, AYGAZ, CENAL ELEKTRIK, ENERJİSA, CATERPILLAR, MANTRAC, BP, ZORLU ENERJİ, HABAŞ, KİBAR HOLDİNG, ERDEMİR GROUP continues to provide successful services to TOROS TARIM, TEKFEN HOLDİNG, EFES PİLSEN, BORUSAN, GÜLERMAK, SASA, EMTA, STFA ALKE, KİPAŞ, TEMSA, ŞİŞECAM and similar companies.

Our company provides services with the following carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and titanium alloy production:

Heat Exchanger / Heat Exchanger Design, Manufacturing and Assembly

Design, Manufacturing and Installation of Pressure, Mixer, Heater Tanks and Technological Equipment
Process Piping and Mechanical Assembly

Turnkey Industrial Facility Installation

Fire Detection and Water, Gas and Foam Extinguishing System Design, Supply and Installation

BOTANK is the 'Tank Fabrication' brand of BOMAK

BO-X is the 'Heat Exchanger' fabrication brand of BOMAK

BODESIGN is the brand BOMAK registered for 'BOMAK Design Center'

Company Introduction Video

BOMAK Makina provides optium solutions for industrial investment requirements. Since 1996, BOMAK has been fabricating Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Alloy Steel Vessels and Equipments. Some of the solutions we provide are listed below: